Injury Compensation at its Finest


I work with personal injury compensation and other forms of compensation. As a lawyer, it’s my obligation to make sure that the company pays what they owe to their injured employee when he or she is injured while working within the workplace. Some companies try to go through a lot of legalities just to avoid it, but there was one company that did the opposite and I was the lead counsel.

“We work with the best insurance companies in the local area so you don’t have to go looking or snooping around for them.”-California tax relief

Three years ago, one of their workers slipped from the scaffoldings and broke his back. The company thought that it was due to carelessness but when they investigated, they found out that the worker had a faulty carabineer and they had ordered a lot of them. They got into contact with me to help with the compensation for their worker and they decided to sue the carabineer company at the same time. They won the court case and was awarded an undisclosed amount but let’s just say that it’s a lot of money. With the money, they gave out extra to their injured employees and a little bonus for every worker in their employ to make them feel confident working for the company. they ordered a better carabineer system and the injured worker started to work for them again as an administrative assistant.

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